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The Greek-American Community banned the corrupt politicians of Greece from participating in this year’s Greek Independence Day parades across the U.S., accusing them as “traitors”.  But Elpidophoros invited every one of them to his “enthronement”! by Nick Stamatakis Elpidophoros is languishing in Athens, supposedly preparing his tenure in New York.  The harsh reality, however, is that he is lacking the legitimacy of a regular Archbishop, as his election violated the Archdiocese’s Charter by ignoring the governing bodies of our Church. None of our Metropolitans showed any warmth – even the one or two of them who bothered to issue an…

by Nick Stamatakis A chaos much bigger than the one created by the Patriarch’s decisions on Ukraine is bound to be created by the so-called “election” of Elpidoforos of Bursa at the helm of our Greek Orthodox Church in America.  Elpidoforos definitely deserves the title of “Cardinal”.  First, he recently authored a diatribe titled “Primus Sine Paribus” (“First Without Equals”), submitted to the University of Thessaloniki, in which he throws out more than 17 centuries of democratic/synodical Orthodox traditions and explains why the Patriarch cannot be “equal” to the other church leaders; he also spent at least the last 10 years…