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Source: Orthodox Christian Laity Remembering Father Gordon Walker of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America Orthodox Christian Laity is truly blessed to have had the gentle, humble and Christ-centered guidance of the Very Reverend Father Gordon Thomas Walker. He served on our advisory board for many years and spoke at many Annual Meetings and Open Forums. We were blessed to have been his guests in Franklin, TN, his home community, two years ago. He and Khouria Mary Sue were the founding members of this most dynamic Orthodox Christian Community of St Ignatius, and he served as the pastor…

Fr. Peter Guillquist Source: Orthodox Christian Laity | George Matsoukas The Orthodox Christian Laity (OCL) Board was blessed to have Father Peter Gillquist as an advisor for more than 12 years.  From day one, when I met him, he was bigger than life.  Physically he was tall, robust and exuberant in nature.  He reminded me of Paul Bunyan.  He energized our board when he attended meetings and was our featured speaker at open forums and programs.  He truly transcended all the Orthodox Christian groupings that exist in America. The Holy Spirit, present everywhere, and filling all creation, brought Father Peter…