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by Katie Kelaidis, PhD Over the past year, I have been engaged an effort to understand how and why Orthodox Christianity has increasingly become a bastion for far-right extremists of various stripes. This is both a professional and personal interest. As a scholar, I am interested in how history is deployed in the service of contemporary political discourse, particularly on the far-right. As a practicing Orthodox Christian, I want to challenge us to think about the ways in which our witness to the world suggests that the Orthodox faith might very well be a safe haven for those who would…

Source: Russian Orthodox Church Department for External Church Relations (DECR) On May 2, 2015, Metropolitan Hilarion as presenter of the Church and the World TV program had as his guest the chairman of the Imperial Orthodox Palestine Society Sergey Stepashin. Metropolitan Hilarion: Good afternoon, dear brothers and sisters. Christ is Risen! In these Paschal days, the mental eyes of many Orthodox faithful are directed to the Holy Land, the places where our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ lived on earth. Today we will speak about the Holy Land, the Middle East and Palestine with the chairman of the Imperial Orthodox…