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Source: Orthodox Christianity The Sacred Community of Mt. Athos issued a statement today in response to the international scandal surrounding Archbishop Elpidophoros’ celebration of a very public Baptism for the children of a celebrity gay couple. The Sacred Community is the spiritual administration of the Holy Mountain, consisting of one representative of each of the 20 ruling monasteries. The statement reads in full: On the occasion of the recent public appearances and positions of clerics of the Church, even hierarchs, which leave the impression that it’s possible for the Church to accept any other form of family apart from the…

Source: Religion News Service His baptizing of a gay couple’s children is only the most recent case in point. By Mark Silk (RNS) — A couple of weeks ago, Elpidophoros, the Greek Orthodox archbishop of America, showed up in a seaside resort near Athens and baptized the son and daughter of a prominent gay couple, actor Evangelo Bousis and fashion designer Peter Dundas. The baptism, which was followed by a meal and “wild party,” was widely publicized. And it created a bit of a furor in the Church of Greece. As Orthodox protocol requires, Elpidophoros had informed the local metropolitan bishop that he…