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Source: Greek Orthodox Christian Clergy and Laity Last week, a movie opened in theatres that critics say will receive a “Best Picture” nomination at this year’s Academy Awards: “Spotlight” tells the true story of a 2002 Boston Globe investigative team that blew the cover off of the massive child sex abuse scandal kept secret by the Catholic church. The trailer can be seen here, and features the following text: “To break the story, they broke the silence.” In the trailer, a reporter states he has two stories he must decide between…one about degenerate priests, or the other about the church…

Source: Greek Orthodox Christian Clergy and Laity We, Greek Orthodox Christians of the Metropolis of Chicago, will no longer accept what we believe is the continual financial and spiritual abuse of both clergy and laity, by the current Hierarchs of the Metropolis of Chicago. With this goal, a group of dedicated and committed individuals began a campaign to inform the church / laity of serious aberrations in our Greek Orthodox community, and to correct some of the financial and spiritual abuses rampant in the Chicago Metropolis, that is spreading to other jurisdictions. The success of this website to inform the…