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Source: Saint Catherine’s Vision Saint Catherine’s Vision (SCV) has been developing a two-part, ground-breaking public service ministry or diakonima.  The first part consists of a survey designed to invite members of the ordained clergy and faithful to relate their practical experience concerning Orthodox Inter-Christian Marriages. The second part involves the creation of a time-limited pilot program intended to offer an initial, yet direct, pastoral, and educational response to these concerns. The survey is designed to give a qualitative Orthodox Christian overview of fundamental pastoral observations regarding OICM as acknowledged by members of the clergy and the faithful across the jurisdictions.…

Source: St. Catherine’s Vision Divine Compassion and Christ in the Everyday An SCV Pan-Orthodox Outreach Ministry via Teleconferencing Orthodox Christian and Inter-Christian Marriages Cultivating Koinonia in the Home Church and Beyond  Beginning in the late eighteenth century, Orthodox Christians have been establishing and nurturing parish communities throughout North America. Sociologically and psychologically speaking, as the faithful through the course of time began to self-identify more closely as American rather than being citizens from the foreign homelands through which their communities were established, it was inevitable that some of the descendants of parish founders would marry persons who were not Orthodox;…