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Source: LaCroix International The US Congress is examining a proposed law that would assign supervision of the construction of Christian churches in Egypt to the American Secretariat of State, despite opposition from Egyptian Christians. Jenna Le Bras, Cairo Egypt In the street that opens on to Bab El Louk Place in central Cairo, a dozen armed police stand outside the Church of St Mary and St John the Baptist. The building, which has still not been completed although construction began in 2008, shines like a beacon in the Cairo sky on the Coptic Church’s Christmas eve, January 6. Although it is still…

Source: Reuters By Yasmine Saleh CAIRO (Reuters) – The Coptic Orthodox church staged a ceremony rich in ritual on Sunday to install its pope, Tawadros II, who Christians hope will guide them through the new, Islamist-led Egypt. The 60-year-old pope was picked on November 4 and the ceremony on Sunday filled with incense, elaborate robes and chanting marked his formal ascendance as the 118th leader of the church. Coptic Christians, whose church predates the arrival of Islam in Egypt, make up a tenth of Egypt’s 83 million people. Many fear their community, the biggest Christian group in the Middle East…