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Source: Orthodox History by MATTHEW NAMEE The following remarkable letter appeared in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle on March 18, 1915. It offers a well-informed but obviously partisan perspective on the Orthodox reality in America and globally in 1915 — in the midst of World War I. There’s so much happening in this letter, so many layers. It has to be one of the most fascinating historical records I’ve ever stumbled upon. I only wish I knew the identity of the author — all we can tell here is that he’s a Greek-American who knows a great deal about the entire Orthodox world. Read…

Source: Patristic Nectar Publications / Ancient Faith Radio by Fr. Josiah Trenham This lecture by Fr Josiah has been delivered in various venues throughout the country, and an earlier version of the lecture was published in the St. Vladimir’s Theological Quarterly (Vol. 50, No. 3, 2006). The lecture is a theological commentary on the un-canonical arrangement of the Orthodox Church. It is a honest and bold attempt to articulate the evils of jurisdictionalism, and a call to canonically normalize post-haste before further negative consequences afflict the life of the Church in America. March 31, 2013 Length: 1:01:25 Direct link Play…