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by Evan Alevizatos Chriss Editor: Another thoughtful viewpoint about the need to use English as the liturgical language of the Church in the USA (originally submitted to The National Herald (TNH) in April 2014). The use of English is a unifying necessity to overcome the 14 jurisdictional and ethnic divisions in the Church.     Evan Chriss lived in Baltimore, MD, and was a member of the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation where he was baptized, and from where, after 93 years, he was buried on May 1, 2015s. Evan was a prominent attorney in the city of Baltimore from 1948…

Source: OrthodoxOutpost.com by ANDREW ESTOCIN Imagine that you have been invited to class with an amazing teacher only to find that the teacher chooses to instruct students in a language that none of them understand. This is the experience of many people in the Orthodox Church. Every Sunday people encounter the Divine Liturgy but far too many fail to understand it, because the Church chooses to worship in a language that is not spoken by its members. This is true of many Churches today including The Greek Orthodox Church and The Russian Orthodox Church. How many people enter the front…