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Source: Orthodoxy in Dialogue Orthodoxy in Dialogue has shown unstinting support for the recent grant of autocephaly to the Metropolitanate of Kyiv (Orthodox Church of Ukraine) by the Patriarchate of Constantinople (see the extensive Ukraine section in our Archives)—yet not without serious questions and occasional criticisms for each ecclesiastical bureaucracy and its respective Primate when warranted. The following astonishing and frankly embarrassing report appeared earlier today on the Panorthodox Synod website with the title Metropolitan Epiphanios of Kyiv and All Ukraine to Receive the 2019 Athenagoras Human Rights Award. We republish it here with editorial interpolations of our own…  Read the entire article here.

Source: Asia News by NAT da Polis On the feast day of Saint Gregory of Nazianzus, the ecumenical patriarch defends his decision to grant autonomy to the Ukrainian Church, as well as upholding the “primus inter pares” status for himself and the Mother Church of Orthodoxy. Istanbul (AsiaNews) – The anniversary of the death of one of the great Fathers of the undivided Church was commemorated yesterday at the Phanar, headquarters of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. Gregory of Nazianzus, theologian and patriarch of Constantinople, was a close friend of Saint Basil the Great, whose cultural and ecclesial education he shared, and a…