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Questions for consideration by the Assembly of Bishops as they continue to work for Canonical Order in the USA submitted by George Karcazes, Executive Committee Member of Orthodox Christian Laity Article 28 of the Chambesy documents  of the Meeting of the Patriarch in 2008  challenges Assemblies  of Bishops to meet and develop blueprints “to bring the Church in their respective territories into Canonical Order.”  What does this mean in the context of America, where we have overlapping “jurisdictions” based on Old World ethnic ties and multiple bishops in the same “cities” or territories?  Chambesy said: “Come up with a plan..…

Source: Orthodox Christian Network By Andrew Estocin in The Sounding In all of God’s earthly creation, only the human person has the ability to ask questions and seek answers. Asking questions reflects the fact that men and women are created in the image and likeness of God. Asking questions is also part of the gift of reason and therefore needs to be cultivated with virtue and compassion. In America’s highly charged political climate, every question asked is considered suspect for its motives. However, questions in the Orthodox Christian Tradition are not viewed with suspicion but are instead welcomed with open arms. Orthodoxy does not…