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Source: BBC The Russian armed forces plan to build their own cathedral in Moscow in record time, and are seeking donations. Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu says the project has Orthodox Church and state backing, but will be funded exclusively by the generosity of the Russian public, the official Tass news agency reports. Apart from many expressions of support for the project and the armed forces in general, social media has also seen debate about the unusual look of the cathedral. Some liken it to an armoured personal carrier, missile launcher, or air-defence battery, and the video on the cathedral website has drawn comparisons with the…

Source: The Guardian The latest addition to the Russian military arsenal takes the form of an airborne church complete with parachuting priests by Oliver Wainwright The Russian military unveiled an unlikely new weapon in its arsenal this month – an army of parachuting priests. The unit of chaplains, who have joined the Russian Airborne Force to train in parachute jumping and vehicle assembly, will operate out of flatpack churches that can be airlifted in to wherever soldiers may be stationed. The church could be mistaken for a standard-issue army cabin, taking the form of a khaki-coloured shed on wheels, were…