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Source: InSerbia News BELGRADE – Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) is one the most successful “companies” in Serbia, and according to revenue is in third place, just behind NIS (Oil Industry of Serbia) and EPS (Electric Industry of Serbia), writes Serbian daily “Blic”. Of course, SPC is not registered as a company, but 40 dioceses annually collect about 140 million euros, according to a survey conducted by “Blic”. The Church is unaccountable for its financial statements, not even to the public. That is why, with the help of insiders in the top of the Patriarchate of the SPC, the daily tried…

Source: inSerbia Independent News BELGRADE [TANJUG] – Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) Patriarch Irinej said on Monday at a forum commemorating the 10th anniversary of the March pogrom, destruction of Serbian holy sites and exodus of the Serbs from Kosovo, that it had been an attempt to destroy the root of the Serbian people and erase their existence in that area. Despite that attempt, the SPC remained as a spiritual oasis that brings hope to the Serbian people in Kosovo, he said. “As long as Kosovo is in our hearts, minds and songs, it will be ours, because hope dies last,”…