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Source: St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary Christ is in our midst! Since you are receiving this newsletter and are part of our online community, there is a good chance you have, at some point, also held an SVS Press printor digital book in your hands, eagerly opening to the first page to dive in. You’re not alone. SVS Press has remained one of the most active and well-known publishers of Orthodox material in the English language since the Press was founded 50 years ago, and it now has more than 400 titles in print—reaching readers, like you, across the globe. The…

Source: St Vladimir’s Seminary Press Peter Danilchick, a protodeacon [Protection of the Mother of God Church, Falls Church VA – Romanian Diocese] and retired corporate executive, brings his experience and expertise to bear on the meaning, challenges, and techniques of strategic leadership, planning, and management for Christians in his new book: Thy Will Be Done: Strategic Leadership, Planning, and Management for Christians. Many books examine these skills from a business perspective, but none have incorporated the timeless wisdom of the Orthodox faith. Thy Will Be Done serves as a bridge between the ecclesiastical and corporate worlds, drawing on Scripture and…