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Source: Orthodox Christian Laity Being an Assembly of Bishops in a geographic area (USA)  where the Church is administratively managed in a state of canonical disorder, allowing parallel jurisdictions and more than one bishop in one city; and, since the Council held in Crete in June 2016 did not address these issues;   how will the Assembly proceed?  Will it address the real issues that bring about canonical order?  Will it establish clear rules of procedure and parliamentary order?  Who will replace Bishop Basil of Wichita as Chair of the Secretariat?   How will the dissenting Georgian, Russian, Antiochian and…

Source: Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America The Assembly’s annual committee reports are now available online. The summary reports, which were prepared by the committee chairmen, provide an overview of each committee’s activities and accomplishments between September 2013-August 2014. Committee for Agencies and Endorsed Organizations Committee for Canonical Affairs  Committee for Canonical Regional Planning Committee for Ecumenical Relations Committee for Financial Affairs Committee for Legal Affairs Committee for Monastic Communities Committee for Theological Education Committee for Youth [subscribe2]