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Source: Orthodox Christian Laity Will YOU Play a Part? Have you considered including OCL in your long-term financial plans? Dear OCL Supporters and Friends, The Orthodox Christian Laity (OCL) movement is the remnant of the optimism of the CEOYLA and GOYA movements which fostered and personified Orthodox Christian Unity.  These groups peaked in the mid-20th Century and then were marginalized by the hierarchy in the 1970’s.  OCL picked up where they left off and was formed in 1987.  OCL is keeping its eye on the prize: Orthodox Christian Unity as The Way Forward.  Otherwise, Orthodox Christianity in the USA will…

Source: Orthodox Christian Laity Dear OCL Supporters and Friends, OCL is grateful to YOU, our supporters and friends.  Your generous annual donations have enabled us to promote our mission.    It is because of your belief in our OCL Mission: Orthodox Unity, transparency, accountability, and laity co- ministry, I want to personally invite you to become a member of OCL’s UNITY ADVOCATE Legacy Society.  UNITY ADVOCATE LEGACY SOCIETY is composed of generous and forward-thinking donors who will support our long-term success through a planned gift.  It is easy to do.  And you don’t have to be a millionaire to do it. …