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Source: Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the USA CHICAGO – The Board of Directors of the newly established Youth & Young Adult Ministry Agency concluded its first meeting on Friday, December 3. Established and blessed by the Assembly of Bishops at its October 2021 meeting as the capstone achievement of the “Year of the Youth,” the new Agency will cast a vision to unite and deepen the ministry efforts of parishes and families across the Church to serve all Orthodox youth and young adults in the United States. In November, the Assembly approved members of the new Board of…

Source: Orthodox Church in America SYOSSET, NY [OCA] – The February edition of “Wonder”—the on-line journal of the Orthodox Church in America’s Department of Youth, Young Adult, and Campus Ministry—is now available. This month’s theme, “The Gospel and the City,” features transcriptions of sermons delivered by Orthodox Christian participants in the recent Festival of Young Preachers in Atlanta, GA. Ms. Anna Vander Wall reflects on Psalm 137 in her article, “Zion in Babylon.” A student at Saint Vladimir’s Seminary, Harrison Russin, relates the theme to the first chapter of Genesis in “Out of the Garden, Into the City.” Father James…