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Source: The State By JOVANA GEC Associated Press The remains of Yugoslavia’s last king – Peter II Karadjordjevic, who died in the U.S. in 1970 – were flown back to Serbia in a solemn ceremony on Tuesday, despite protests by some Serb royalists in America. The former king fled the Nazi occupation of Yugoslavia at the start of World War II and never returned because Communists took over at the end of the war. He died in exile at the age of 47 and was buried at a Serbian Orthodox Church monastery in Libertyville, Illinois – the only European monarch…

Source: TANJUG BELGRADE — Serbian Orthodox Patriarch Irinej called for unity among Serbs, adding that the Church (SPC) would never agree or come to terms with Kosovo “being given away”. Irinej called on the people to be united in politics and everything else, because the Serbs are a small people and the only way to survive was through unity and some values the world would understand and support. “It is unrealistic to us, and I think the Serbs and the SPC, which has always been with the people, will never agree to what can be read in the press nowadays…