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The Birth of ZOE for Life!


LifeSource: ZOE for Life!

ZOE for Life! was founded in 1998 in response to a conviction that every life is sacred.

ZOE for Life! is a Christ-centered organization with three major goals:

1.  To help women who need confidential emotional and spiritual support during crisis pregnancies
2.  To assist Orthodox Christians seeking to adopt; and
3.  To provide an Orthodox Christian education for Pure Living and other.

ZOE’s Board of Directors is comprised of women from four different jurisdictions.  ZOE for Life! has been granted 501 (c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service.

Christ has constantly sheltered this ministry, providing ZOE with life-affirming clergymen, lawyers, accountants, IT specialists and start-up funding.  When an identity was required, the Lament of Rachel icon came through the mail.  ZOE for Life! has always been His mission.  It is humbling to consider that He accomplishes His will through this work.

ZOE for Life! will assist any woman in distress due to an unplanned pregnancy, regardless of her background.

Pure living is a way of life He directs each of us to embrace, regardless of age or marital status.

ZOE for Life! created an Adoptive Parents Registry in the event that a woman agrees to carry her child to term, but cannot raise her baby.  Only Orthodox Christians may register as prospective adoptive parents.

ZOE House was established in 2006 in Cleveland, Ohio. It was created as a model, offering a location for counseling, and physical necessities – everything from maternity clothing to diapers and wipes, cribs, car seats, and clothing for precious little ones.  All of these things are made available at no cost for the most needy.  Freely ZOE has received, freely it gives.  Last year, ZOE House served 400 families, a 100% increase from 2012.  The hope is that others can emulate this initiative in their area, learning from ZOE’s years of experience.

If you believe that God loves you, and consecrated your soul when you were conceived, can there be any doubt of His love of every soul?  How then, can anyone simply stand by and do nothing, while His innocents are being destroyed?  Be His light in today’s world of darkness.  Please visit our website at www.zoeforlifeonline.org, or call us at 440-893-9990.

Our Father is blessing this ministry.  Thank you for your help by your prayers and support.  God bless you for helping to save lives only He can create.

This ministry is also listed on the OCL website under Grassroots Unity in Action.


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