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The King’s Jubilee – Ministry Among the Poor in Philadelphia, PA


I became Orthodox because of my ministry among the poor. The ministry founded and still lead, The King’s Jubilee (http://www.shoutforjoy.net/), was received with me into the church when my wife and I were chrismated. It is truly a pan-Orthodox ministry. We have participation from Antiochians, Greeks, Russians, Albanians, Serbs, Georgians, etc. We also have participation from a couple of Roman Catholic churches on occasion. Although, I am not sure how that will stand going forward, since one RC volunteer was just chrismated into the Orthodox Church during Holy Week.

We have been serving on the streets of Philadelphia for over 23 years in Jesus’ Name.

Learn more on The King’s Jubilee – Shout for Joy! website.

Cranford Joseph Coulter
for The King’s Jubilee


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