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Two Orthodox Christian monks go viral with cover of Iron Maiden song


Source: Aleteia

Zelda Caldwell

YouTube captured the guitar-playing brothers playing “Wasting Love” on the monastery grounds.

When the monks who live at the Tuman monastery in eastern Serbia aren’t spending their time in prayer, they are usually working to support the 14th-century monastery’s economy by making homemade wine, brandy, and cheese.

Or … you just might find them playing an acoustic version of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden’s song, “Wasting Love.”

At least that was the case with two monks, Peter and Teofil, who later went viral with their YouTube video of their acoustic version of the heavy metal song, when Headliner Magazine posted it earlier this month. Over 143,000 have viewed the video so far — not bad for a cover of a 1992 song, and not a particularly popular one at that.

While not all commenters on the YouTube site were pleased with the monks’ performance, many were thrilled.

“I can’t believe my eyes. They play my favorite song from Maiden. Nice taste in music brothers, God bless you!!!” commented one.

Another, responding to criticism of the performance, perhaps put it best when he wrote,“God will not ask you which music you have listened to, but have you helped your neighbor and whether you have lived through the Gospel.”

The monks at Tuman have in fact extended their idea of helping their neighbor in the form of an exercise in radical hospitality. Those who are interested in visiting the monastery might want to stop by its restaurant across from the church. In keeping with the Orthodox tradition of hospitality, there are no prices on the menu as people are asked to leave as much or as little money as they choose for the food and drink they are served.


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  1. Hi I saw this, I used to be a big Iron Maiden fan.. a lot of their songs are good about war and honor etc.. ww2. The singer went to military school. But a lot of their songs are occult oriented… I don’t think they’re for evil in supernatural, but I think a lot of people die listening to their music, not know if they’re good or bad and get it into bad things like the occult… like their new art has church stained glass windows with the devil on them, also comic books, I don’t think that’s good.. they used to be considered a bad dangerous band in the 80s.. so, I think it’s bad they’re playing this maybe. That’s my opinion..

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