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Ukraine Relief Update


Source: International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC)

Electricity pylons, power lines and cooling towers of the cogeneration plant near Kyiv (Ukraine) in winter.

IOCC Programs Provide Vital Assistance in Ukraine, Romania, and Poland

As winter in Ukraine deepens, a new set of needs arises. Damage to infrastructure during the ongoing conflict has left thousands of civilians without water, power, and heat.

To address these growing needs, IOCC is drawing on experience in other areas torn by conflict. New efforts are focused on providing vital alternative power options—including generators and solar-energy systems. IOCC is also working to create programs to support income generation and employment. In addition, IOCC and a local partner are providing psychosocial support to help the people of Ukraine cope with what they’re experiencing.
IOCC staff is on the ground in Ukraine. The response program spans the country and beyond its borders. In Ukraine, IOCC is distributing emergency supplies to partners, including emergency food and hygiene items—along with much-needed household appliances for accommodation centers.
We are also helping to expand existing shelters and open new ones.
To support those seeking safety in Poland, IOCC is offering language lessons. And in Romania, antitrafficking training programs are in place to help protect refugees. IOCC is also offering cash assistance directly to refugees and has provided household supplies to generous Polish and Romanian families who have taken refugees into their homes.
As the conflict in Ukraine continues, please visit iocc.org/ukraineresponse to get updates on IOCC’s work in the region.

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