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University of St. Katherine January 2019 President’s Notes


Source: University of St. Katherine

Office of the President

Dear Friends of the University of Saint Katherine,

We have so many blessings and challenges that require our deliberate attention and prayer. Most importantly, we ask you to pray that the Holy Spirit will enable us to address our challenges and achieve our goals so that we can advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ through education, scholarship, and service.

We ask you to join us in prayer for:
A new year that is full of promise and opportunity to serve one another and our communities,
The 200 USK students pursuing their studies and life goals, including 12 new students,
Our December 2018 graduates, as they pursue the next steps in their lives and careers,
Gor Sarkisyan, PhD, as he settles into his new role and responsibilities as Chair of Natural Sciences,
Mary Paltadakis, as she takes on the important role of Chief Development Officer at USK,
Diligence and sound judgment for the Academic Senate for the 2018-19 academic year,
Jeff Ramos and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, for encouragement and service,
The good health of our students, faculty, and staff,
Students and employees and their family members with serious health concerns, for healing,
Students and employees grieving the death of family members, for comfort and strength,
Continued development of distinctive and transformative education where students and faculty challenge themselves and each other,
More opportunities for our students to thrive, have clearer pathways to higher education and careers, and become better connected and more civically engaged than ever before,
Visionary donors and benefactors who understand the extraordinary financial burden of sustaining and growing this University and the importance of investing in youth.

We are grateful to visionary donors who recently made a financial donation to the University, including:
Dan and Judy Braun, Argyros Family Foundation, Dcn. Tom and Wendy Braun,
David and Debra Aberizk, Brian and Merilyn Gerich, Kim and Lenore Trigonis,
Milena and Stanislava Mihich, Peter and Litsa Preovolos, Irene and John Grevas,
Garifalia George, Gerry and Jeannie Ranglas, Edward and Lila Awad,
Alexander and Christine Cremidan, Alex and Jeanette Rigopoulos, Jan and Lia Blomgren, Dr. Ron Dulos, Dr. Michael Patzakis, Georgia Kazakis, Victor and Eva Farah,
Bruce and Paula Roe, Core 3 Property Consulting, Dr. Beck,
Evangelos and Irene Mylonas, Mary Kate and Ryan West, Evan and Bethany Getz, and Jamal and Hilary Tarazi.

To donate to USK, please go to https://usk.edu/give/. Thank you.

The University of Saint Katherine has earned the Platinum Seal of Transparency from GuideStarTM. GuideStarTM is the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organization transparency and financial accountability.


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