OCL Forum on the Greek Orthodox Charter Crisis 2004

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Part 1
How the Charter Threatens the Future, Andy Kartalis


Part 2
Development and Key Issues, George D. Karcazes


Part 3
Overview by Dr. Angelo Creticos, Mr. Peter Marudas


Part 4
Crisis Overview, Dr. Peter Haikalis


Part 5
Why Litigation? By Evan A. Chriss, Esq.


Part 6
Q&A 1: Consensus Out – Papal Obedience In? George D. Karcazes


Part 7
Q&A 2: Actions in Phoenix, Illinois, Leadership 100 Crisis originated
from the Hierarchs and Patriarch in Turkey — Not Parishes


Part 8
Q&A 3: Charter Changes to Papal Turkish Micromanagers Forcing
USA Parish Loss — Peter Marudas


Part 9
Q&A 4: Imposed Amendment Process Replaces Consensus —
Disrespecting Local Elders Generates Loss