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OCL Open Forum – May 1, 1999

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Part 1
Greeting by Dr Cretikos
Part 2
Steve Stamatis — Orthodox Church Self Governance in the USA
Part 3
Dr. Valerie Karras — Orthodox Self Governance in Historical Perspective
Part 4
Hieromonk Vladimir Wendling — Church Governance Spiritual Views
Part 5
Hon. Dn. Robert Scott — Spiritual Perspective
Part 6
Self Governance Legal? George Karcazes and George Pontikes Esq
Part 7
Q & A: Paths to USA Self Governance
Part 8
Informal Conference Views
Part 9
OCL Past President George Coupounas — Standing Room Only!
Part 10
American Orthodox Consciouness — Hon. Dn. Robert Scott
Part 11
Plenary Session — Dr Angelo Cretikos