[ditty_news_ticker id="27897"] VIDEO: Myrrh-bearing Women Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Metropolitan Nathanael & Panel) - Orthodox Christian Laity

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  1. Argo Georgandis on

    I am so impressed by this panel discussion on the Myrrh-Bearing Women and the insight into what they represent. I hope everyone reads this article, which also showcases Rachel Pontikes, who is not only eloquent concerning the topic but also is a true and beautiful likeness of her parents, Harriet and George Pontikes, our worthy long-time members and leaders of OCL. You must be so proud of this young lady and I hope to meet her one day! I pray that you all look at this video and learn from it, I certainly will appreciate these incredible women (and men, as I learned) who represent the Myrrh Bearers at Christ’s side. It adds many more dimensions to who they are and what they did. Thank you Dr. Karras, Dr. Adams and Atty R. Pontikes!

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