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Vourvoulias Secretly Campaigns for Bishop Demetrios to Βecome Chicago Metropolitan


Dismissed Archdiocese Finance Committee chairman, Mr. George Vourvoulias

Source: The National Herald

NEW YORK – George Vourvoulias, Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America is organizing a behind-the-scenes campaign in support of Bishop Demetrios of Mokissos, Chancellor of the Metropolis of Chicago to be elevated to the rank of metropolitan.

Vourvoulias is the one who received the sum of $900,000 over a period of ten years from the Archdiocese for his travel expenses; purportedly, he is a volunteer.

In a September 12 email to Chicago parish officials, he urged them to bombard Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, Archbishop Demetrios of America, and the hierarch members of the Holy Eparchial Synod with letters, urging them to elect Bishop Demetrios as Metropolitan of Chicago.

Vorvoulias wrote that “many of you know that there now is a window of opportunity for the possibility of our Bishop, Demetrios of Mokissos listed on the list to replace His Eminence, Metropolitan Iakovos of Blessed Memory as Metropolitan of Chicago.”

“Many letters are needed in a constant flow, one to two a day, sent to each and every metropolitan and the archbishop for at least three weeks.  Please keep a record of how many you have sent out for us so we will know the impact needed.”

“It is important that you personalize your letter.”

Vourvoulias wants his campaign to remain confidential. He wrote: “Please address this letter in a very confidential way, lest it lose its value should there be any connection to me or anyone else.”

“These letters need to go to all of the Metropolitans in America using the fax numbers, email addresses and postal mail addresses provided in an attachment to you.”

“Letters should be signed and His Grace’s name should always appear as His Grace, Bishop Demetrios of Mokissos. The letter content should be heartfelt and explaining his service to your parish, how it has grown, how he has administered with the blessings of Metropolitan Iakovos ‘of blessed memory,’and what it has done to you and others personally and to the Parish.”

“There is a new window of opportunity for the possible election of His Grace and his fit is perfect as the years of his ministry acting for and with the blessing of Metropolitan Iakovos of blessed memory will keep the Holy Metropolis of Chicago running efficiently and respectfully for the parishes.”

“You may say and speak about the many wonderful ministries he has directed and assisted with, his visits to your parish both liturgically and socially, your youth, how he has personally represented the Metropolis and administrated, but more importantly as Chancellor he is loved and respected at your Parish.  Let us not forget the Pick Up your Cross ministry which has brought in many left out to our Orthodox Church. More personal items help!”

“Please feel free to cut and paste this note for an instruction tool without my name. We spoke about letters from all.  Please exclude asking your parish priest from participating in this letter as this would put him in a difficult place.”
Vourvoulias wrote about “Phase Two” commencing “in the middle of September. We need to space them out at least four a day. This is intense but it is needed.”

“We need an abundance of letters.  I am asking you about the possibility of getting as many as you can by the next three weeks. Help the Metropolis of Chicago hold the steady course all of you have assisted with.”


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