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Who Was at the Cross and Tomb? – Laity!


Resurrection iconSource: Seeds of Hope – Orthodox Christian Healing & Counseling

Pascha – a Reminder for All!
from our Board of Directors and Advisors:

It was Laity – Mary the mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, Salome, and John among others.

As we approach Holy week and Pascha, Scriptures remind us, it was Laity at the cross and at the empty tomb – the first disciples to follow Jesus, proclaiming the Good News now for over 2,000 years.  Seeds of Hope, Orthodox Counseling & Healing continues to follow Jesus and His Holy commandment.

Orthodox Laity are needed now more than ever to join with ecclesiastical leaders and priests, taking a role in addressing spiritual abuse, financial misappropriations, and exploitation of authority in the Church.


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  1. George Matsoukas on

    The rise of clericalism, hierarchs who see themselves as monarchs and not servants, the leadership style of holding everything close to ones vest, the appointment of all leadership has demoralized the laity, caused apathy on the part of the laity, contributes to a static state of affairs. It is time for laity to reassert their rightful role within the life of the church that they built up in this geographic area and insist on transparency and to reassert themselves as the guardians of the church.

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