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Source: National Catholic Register NEWS ANALYSIS: Pope Francis cautions Catholics not to ‘meddle’ in ecclesiological conflict between the Orthodox Church of Constantinople and the Russian Orthodox Church. Victor Gaetan The accelerating dispute in Ukraine between two Orthodox Churches — the Church of Constantinople, a historic Church with spiritual prestige, and the 140-million-member Russian Orthodox Church, a powerhouse in terms of membership muscle, political clout and wealth — is ominous because it forecasts conflict in a country already suffering a “fratricidal” war, to use Pope Francis’ term. The Russian Orthodox Church broke Eucharistic communion with the Church of Constantinople Oct. 15 in response…

Source: ForUm Ukrainian Orthodox Churches of Kyiv and Moscow Patriarchates will merge into a single local Orthodox church, head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate Filaret said, ForUm correspondent reports. “We believe and are convinced that the Kyiv and Moscow Patriarchates will unite in a local Orthodox church. The reasons for this are – we are not enemies, and those kisses that were (at the time of greetings at the opening ceremony of the exhibition “The Great and Majestic. – Ed.) are a sign of the future union. Time will come when we will minister together, and belong…