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What About That Number 60?

Source: Orthodox Christian Monastery of All Saints of North America Reference: So Why Do 60% of Our College Youth Leave Orthodoxy? Editor’s Note: Thoughts on Co-Ministry (Syndiaconia) in Liturgy apply in Church Governance  Apart from the too-often presence of a medieval mentality among some of our clergy, hyper-clericalism itself can be a force in de-churching people, especially youth. It sometimes appears that there is an actual effort to exclude the Royal Priesthood from actual and … [Read more...]


Source: Western American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church in North and South America Reflections from the Holy and Great Council at the Orthodox Academy in Crete, June 17-26, 2016. by Bishop Maxim. 128 pages, soft bound, published in 2016 • price $15. Diary of the Council emerged from the need of its author to appropriate the problematic of the Holy and Great Council which the Orthodox Church held 2016 in the historic land of Crete. The author of these notes, disinterested in the … [Read more...]

Message from Metropolitan Alexios

Source: Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Atlanta My Beloved Ones, I am writing to you during a very active time in the life of our Metropolis. I have just returned from Detroit, where I was blessed to be a part of the 7th Annual Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops, which includes all Orthodox Bishops from across the United States, whether they are Greek, Russian, Antiochian, what have you. Over the course of the past six years we come up with ideas to “unify” our churches. I use the word … [Read more...]

First Meeting of the Assembly of Bishops, following the Holy and Great Council, in Detroit, Michigan, on Oct 4-6, 2016

Source: Orthodox Christian Laity Being an Assembly of Bishops in a geographic area (USA)  where the Church is administratively managed in a state of canonical disorder, allowing parallel jurisdictions and more than one bishop in one city; and, since the Council held in Crete in June 2016 did not address these issues;   how will the Assembly proceed?  Will it address the real issues that bring about canonical order?  Will it establish clear rules of procedure and parliamentary order?  Who will … [Read more...]

Dealing with a New Threat to Patriarch Bartholomew

Source: The National Herald by Amb. Patrick N. Theros, Special to The National Herald In recent weeks Russian and European websites have posted a scurrilous fabrication linking the Ecumenical Patriarchate to Fethullah Gulen, the exiled Turkish cleric and educator, accused by Turkish President Erdogan of orchestrating the failed coup. The article in question was falsely attributed to retired American Ambassador Arthur Hughes. The fabricators hacked Amb. Hughes’ email and to lend credibility … [Read more...]

Was Putin behind the Downplaying of the Holy and Great Council?

Source: The National Herald By Theodoros Kalmoukos Analysis The Holy and Great Council (HGC) of the Orthodox Church, which was held in Crete in June, left its mark on Church history. It was an event of great ecclesiastical importance and perpetuated a vision that has existed for many decades. The key consideration is that it managed to gather the local Orthodox Churches, even with four abstentions – specifically, the Patriarchates of Antioch, Bulgaria, Georgia and Moscow. Orthodox … [Read more...]


Source: Orthodox Christian Laity Hope to see you at the OCL  29th Annual Meeting! November 17-20, 2016 MAKE YOUR HOTEL RESERVATIONS: Call 801-890-1280 OCL rate $119.00 until October 15. Hyatt Place Salt Lake City / Cottonwood, 3090 E 6200 S, Salt Lake City, Utah 84121 We have two relevant and important topics to consider.  They will be presented by two distinguished Orthodox Christian theologians and devout parishioners of their parish families. Host Parish:  St Anna Greek Orthodox … [Read more...]

Musings of the OCL Executive Director

Source: Orthodox Christian Laity The Assembly of Bishops will meet during the first week of October in Detroit.  How will this meeting be different from all other such meetings?  Where is the leadership?  The work of the Holy and Great Council has been completed, and little action was taken to address the uncanonical situation of the parallel jurisdictions that make up the Orthodox Christian Church in the USA.  This situation is unacceptable, because it keeps our message, outreach and … [Read more...]

Personal Musings on the Holy and Great Council

Source: Orthodox Christian Laity I had prepared myself to go to Chania, Crete and see, as a reporter, the events and hear the commentary and behind-the-scenes events that would be part of the excitement and surroundings of this monumental historical event, the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church.    I sent in the information that was necessary to be approved as an observer.  The approval came.  I was excited about going.  I have been an advocate for the Council for 28 years.  In … [Read more...]

Metropolitan Kallistos Reflects on Orthodox Council

Source: OSV Newsweekly Member of the delegation of the Ecumenical Patriarchate hopes June’s meeting is the first in a series Michael Heinlein OSV Newsweekly July 5, 2016 Gathering Orthodox hierarchs from around the world, the Holy and Great Council of the Orthodox Church wrapped-up on the Greek island of Crete on June 26. In the works for over a century, the event was historic to say the least. But what did it accomplish? Our Sunday Visitor spoke with His Eminence Metropolitan Kallistos … [Read more...]

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