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St. Tikhon’s Seminary Receives Ten Year Reaffirmation Of Accreditation


Source: Orthodox Church in America

SOUTH CANAAN, PA [STOTS]  Following a Comprehensive Site Visit by members of the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS) in October 2023, the most recent biannual meeting of the ATS Board of Commissioners reaffirmed the accreditation of Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary for a period of 10 years.  In their letter to the Seminary’s Rector, His Eminence Archbishop Michael, the Commissioners praised the Seminary’s “laser sharp clarity of identity and mission”, “strong community of formation”, and its “committed faculty, talented leadership team, and dedicated students”.  In addition to the extension of accreditation till Spring 2034, the Commissioners reaffirmed its approval of the Seminary’s M.Div. degree.  To add to the joyful news,  Dr. Barbara Mutch, Senior ATS Director of Accreditation, notified the Seminary that the community’s 2023 Self-Study Report would be added to the Association’s library of exemplary self-studies that would be shared at workshops designed to help member schools begin the process of self-study under the recently updated 2020 Standards of Accreditation.

Regarding this wonderful announcement, Archbishop Michael noted: “To receive the maximum of 10 years of accreditation is a monumental accomplishment for a seminary of our size. We are humbled that our Self-Study will be a reference resource for others. Certainly, we are grateful to God for all His blessings, especially for all those whose labors made this possible for us.”  In relaying the news to the community, the Seminary’s Dean, Father John Parker commented: “We give thanks to the Lord for all the good He is doing at St. Tikhon’s – and we look forward to the coming decade of growth and strength.” In his role as Director of Self-Study, the Seminary’s Academic Dean, Fr. Paul Witek, noted that “the ten-year reaffirmation is an exceptional achievement for the school and displays the unwavering commitment of so many to the embodied mission of Saint Tikhon’s in providing for the solid formation of future servants and leaders of Christ’s Church.”  The Seminary extends its thanks to all those who contributed to the Self-Study process and asks for the continued prayers and support of the faithful throughout the Church for our theological school in fulfilling its unique vision for years to come.

The faithful and parishes of the Orthodox Church in America are urged to intentionally pray for vocations and to support the seminaries, students, faculty, and their families. It is also vital to commit to financially support the three OCA seminaries as they continue the necessary work of providing exceptional education and spiritual formation for the future leaders of the Orthodox Church.

Parishes are reminded of the resolution approved at the 16th All-American Council in Seattle, which calls for parishes of the Orthodox Church in America to allocate 1% of their budget towards the support of these seminaries.

If you want to know more about supporting our seminaries, their work, or learn more about vocation and theological formation, seminary contact information is available here.


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  1. Cato the Elder on


    A stark contrast with the perennial accreditation woes of Hellenic College/Holy Cross of the Greek Archdiocese.

    Freed from foreign control the OCA is able to attract talent in administration, faculty and students without interference from Old World ethnic interests and influence. Talented potential hires at HC/HC take a look and then take a pass.

    Until such time as Istanbul and Athens relinquish their strangle-hold on the Greek Archdiocese, L100 and the lay leadership of the Archdiocese should withdraw their support for HC/HC and encourage prospective clergy from GOA parishes to enroll at St. Tikhon’s and St. Vladimir’s.

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