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OCL 26th Anniversary Annual Meeting Videos – The Assembly of Bishops and the Future of Orthodoxy in America
Presentations by: His Eminence, Archbishop Nathaniel; Mr. Eric Namee, Esq.; Dr. Peter Haikalis; Mr. Ronald Radakodich

OCL 25th Anniversary Celebration Videos – A Vision of a Unified Church in North America [The Role of the Laity]  (scroll to the bottom of the page).  Recorded at the 20th Annual Meeting of OCL, November 2007.


OCL 25th Anniversary Conference Presentations – “Our Orthodox Future”

Videos of Presentations by the following speakers: Marilyn Rouvelas, John Sitilides,  Dr. Nicholas Gvosdov and Michael Tsakalos

OCL 25th Anniversary Celebration Videos – A Vision of a Unified Church in North America 

“Update on Assembly of Bishops” – By Protodeacon Peter Danilchick. Recorded at the 25th Annual Meeting

OCL 25th Anniversary Celebration Videos – A Vision of a Unified Church in North America
[5 Videos]

A Vision of A Unified Church In North America. Recorded at the 20th Annual Meeting of OCL, November 2007
Presenters: Archbishop Nathaniel of Detroit, Dr. Helen Creticos Theodoropoulos, Dr. Vigen Guroian, Metropolitan Christopher (Kovacevich)


OCL 24th Annual Meeting October 7-8, 2011 [14 Videos]

Remembering the Work and Leadership of the Council of Eastern Orthodox Youth Leaders of the Americas (CEOYLA)
Welcoming Remarks: Andy Kartalis, George Matsoukas; FEATURE: The Amazing CEOYLA of ’63 – Ronald Muresan; FEATURE: Live from CEOYLA ’63; Eyewitness History by CEOYLA Participants: Jim Demetrion, Michael Herzak, Kweilin Nassar, Archbishop Nathaniel Popp, Serge, Powell, Mailed in Reflections; Orthodox Christian Fellowship College Organization – A CEOYLA Legacy; Pre-Recorded Message from Bp. Basil; FEATURE: Mother Inez of Guatemala.


The Greek Orthodox Charter Crisis [9 Videos]

OCL Forum on the Greek Orthodox Charter Crisis 2004
How the Charter Threatens the Future: A Parish Perspective, Andy Kartalis; Development and Key Issues, George D. Karcazes; Overview by Dr. Angelo Creticos and Peter Marudas; Crisis Overview, Dr. Peter Haikalis; Why Litigation? By Evan A. Chriss, Esq.; Q&A 1: Consensus Out – Papal Obedience In? George D. Karcazes; Q&A 2: Actions in Phoenix, Illinois, Leadership 100 Crisis originated from the Hierarchs and Patriarch in Turkey — Not Parishes; Q&A 3: Charter Changes to Papal Turkish Micromanagers Forcing USA Parish Loss — Peter Marudas; Q&A 4: Imposed Amendment Process Replaces Consensus — Disrespecting Local Elders Generates Loss


OCL Annual Meeting October 14, 2000 [9 Videos]

OCL Annual Meeting – October 14, 2000
George Matsoukas and Mother Inez of Guatemala, Dr. Nicholas Gvosdev, Dr. Valerie Karras, Archbishop Nathaniel Popp, Hon. Dn. Scott, Greta Larson.


OCL Open Forum – May 1, 1999 [11 Videos]

OCL Open Forum – May 1, 1999
Steve Stamatis on Orthodox Church Self-Governance in the USA, Dr. Valerie Karras Orthodox Self Governance in Historical Perspective, George D. Karcazes Esq. and George Pontikes Esq., Q & A – Paths to Self Governance, Past President George Coupounas, Hon. Deacon Robert Scott: Building the Spirit in our Hearts, Fr. Vladimir Wendling,


OCL Annual Meeting 1998 [4 Videos]

“Orthodoxy in the Next Millennium and the Role of OCL”
Speakers included: Stephen P. Angelides, George D. Aravosis, George D. Coupounas, Dr. Peter Haikalis, John T. John, Rev. Michel E. Najim, Rev. Steven J. Vlahos, Dr. Verna Harrison.

Greek Orthodox American Leaders (GOAL) [4 Videos]

Greek Orthodox American Leaders (GOAL) February 7, 1998, Denver, CO
Theme: “We are all called to be Servant Leaders.” Speeches about the crisis in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese in North America and Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology.


First OCL Press Conference [2 Videos]

First OCL Press Conference


4th Annual OCL Meeting [5 Videos]

OCL 4th Annual OCL Meeting, Baltimore, MD – “Orthodoxy: A New World Vision”
Keynote Speaker was Rev. Dr. Anthony Ugolnik on “Orthodoxy: A New World Vision.”