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Source: Orthodox Christian Network We all know it can be hard to do stay spiritually engaged with our faith when we just want to be outside enjoying the sun and relaxing. However, as your parish priest probably tells you every summer, God never takes a vacation. Here are 10 easy ways for young people to stay spiritually active during the summer. Go to Church every Sunday. This seems like the most obvious. It’s just one morning, one day a week. But in that short time, you renew your relationship with God and with your fellow Orthodox Christians. Sure, you might miss…

Source: Terry Mattingly’s On Religion If the goal is to map the evolving landscape of American religion, the late George Gallup, Jr., once told me, it was crucial to keep asking two kinds of questions. The kind attempted to document things that never seemed to change or that were changing very, very slowly. Thus, Gallup urged his team to keep using old questions his father and others in the family business began asking in the 1940s and ’50s, such as how often people attended worship services, how often they prayed and whether they believed in God. The second kind of…