Ancient Faith Today returns to the airwaves on January 14 at 9 pm – Topic: Church Unity


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With fond and respectful memories of internet radio pioneer Kevin Allen, Ancient Faith Radio will once again be broadcasting the live call-in program Ancient Faith Today. Hosted now by Fr. Thomas Soroka, priest at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, whose podcasts The Path and Sermons from St. Nicholas can currently be heard on AFR, the show will focus on the pressing current events with which Orthodox Christians must contend on a daily basis.

The first episode will air on Tuesday, January 14, 2020, at 9:00 PM Eastern, and focus on church unity, an issue that Kevin Allen was very passionate about. Like all of AFR live programming, the show can be heard on our streaming talk channel: To hear the original Ancient Faith Today and get a sense of its focus, please go to We are so excited to present this, our sixth live show, in the new year. The call-in number is 1-855-237-2346. Please listen and participate!

Ancient Faith Today with Kevin AllenIt’s an honor to be picking up the mantle of our dear friend and colleague, Kevin Allen, who fell asleep in the Lord in August of 2018. Kevin’s gifts and contributions were numerous. The first show he developed, beginning in 2007, was The Illumined Heart, a precursor to the call-in show, Ancient Faith Today, which began in 2012. Both shows demonstrated his skill as a trained journalist and his breadth of experience as a religious seeker for truth.

Kevin, always respectful and professional, asked questions of his guests that we wanted to know. He meticulously researched the topics of each episode, and they remain a highly valuable resource for seekers and believers. His own experience and curiosity leave us with a treasure of rich discussions on such varied topics as the finer points of Orthodox theology to the intersection of Christianity and politics. In all of it, Kevin’s faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, as the summit of his own search for the knowledge and experience of God, was deeply evident.

In God’s own wisdom, one might look back to see that Kevin himself was being prepared to bear the cross of ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) which progressively weakened his strong bass voice as well every muscle in his body. His faithful witness to Christ’s victory over the sting of death became a silent testimony to his trust in God. The voice that we loved to hear, though silenced, is an enduring sound for which we will be forever grateful.

Join us on Tuesday, January 14 at 9:00 pm ET as we engage a challenging topic that was most important to Kevin: Orthodox Unity. We’ll dedicate our first show to him and evaluate where we’re at on this uniquely important subject. You can listen and join the conversation at or via the Ancient Faith Radio app. You can record a question for us, send us an email at [email protected]or we encourage you to call in live at 1-800 AFRADIO (1-855-237-2346) during the show. You can also follow us at for the latest updates on the show, to post your own comments, and get news about upcoming shows and topics. We look forward to being with you every Tuesday at 9:00 pm ET!

About Fr. Thomas Soroka

Fr. Thomas Soroka is the priest at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, whose podcasts The Path and Sermons from St. Nicholas can be currently heard on AFR.


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