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Funding Unity


How do we undertake and develop a plan to finance a unified Orthodox Archdiocese in the United States from the fragmented-jurisdictional Archdioceses that exist?

What does the transitional stage of finances look like?

Will the fragmented Archdioceses merge legally?

How will the unified archdiocese be funded?

This concept and questions need the input of the People of God who are the stewards of the Church. We need to provide input to assist the committees formulating regional and financial planning. Those with legal and financial expertise are invited to address these questions.

Those knowledgeable with concepts of mergers are invited to answer these questions. Faithful stewards in business, serving on parish councils, academics, bookkeepers, accountants are invited to address these questions.

Let’s get the ideas flowing!



  1. George Matsoukas on

    This topic needs to be intgrated with the Canonical Regional Planning Committee and the Finance Committee. Why are the procedings of the Assembly confidential?

  2. The number one cost advantage that drives most business mergers is the elimination of duplicate functions. The same should apply to the merger of Orthodox jurisdictions. In almost all cases, if there is ONE consolidated agency (youth, evangelism, media, liturgics, etc.) the cost savings will be substantial.

    This may be one of the fears of the entrenched staff for the various jurisdictions, incidentally. And what about travel for bishops? With one bishop in each major metropolitan area, they should hardly ever have to travel by air to reach any part of their diocese. Conversely, there are probably many parishes who are just as happy they only see their bishop occasionally.

    Cal Oren

  3. Events Editor on

    Are these questions premature? Firstly, a PLAN for UNITY needs to be in place. Before we can talk ‘dollars’, we have to know what aspects of the plan needs funds. If the Laity believes in a unified plan, if it is well laid out, if there is a process for transition, then funds will be there, in the same way they are there for our jurisdictional archdioceses. Marlene Buettner

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