OCL Board Encourages Prayers for the Holy Synod, Clergy and Faithful of the OCA in Difficult Times


OCL  is an educational and an advocacy ministry, which has, for a quarter of a century advocated for Orthodox Unity and transparency and accountability in Church Governance.  OCL welcomes the statement issued by the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church in America regarding the resignation of Metropolitan Jonah, which appears to strike a balance between the sensitivity of the matters contained in the statement and the legitimate needs of the faithful to be informed about issues of importance. 

As all of the facts become known, and law enforcement agencies take appropriate measures to deal with matters referred to them, OCL cautions against spreading irresponsible rumors that deny due process to both accused and victims, but joins the Holy Synod in prayers for the spiritual needs of Metropolitan Jonah and for the Church, her clergy and faithful and for Her mission in the world.


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