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Orthodox Church in America’s Thriving in Ministry Program Receives 5-Year Sustainability Grant from Lilly Endowment


Source: Orthodox Church in America

SPRINGFIELD, VA [OCA]  The Orthodox Church in America is delighted to announce that its Thriving in Ministry Program has been awarded a significant 5-year sustainability grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. This grant, combined with matching funds from the Church, will provide substantial support for the program’s ongoing initiatives aimed at nurturing and sustaining the well-being of clergy and clergy wives within the Orthodox Christian community.

Lilly Endowment has recognized the importance of the Thriving in Ministry Program’s mission and impact. Through this generous grant, the Orthodox Church in America’s commitment to supporting and equipping clergy and clergy wives in parish ministry is further fortified.

The Thriving in Ministry program focuses on enhancing the overall well-being and effectiveness of parish priests and priest wives. By addressing the unique challenges faced by them, the program seeks to promote personal and professional growth, build supportive networks, and foster sustainable practices for long-term ministry vitality.

This multi-year grant will enable the Thriving in Ministry program to expand its reach and impact across the Orthodox Christian community. With a comprehensive approach that includes spiritual, emotional, and practical support, the program will provide peer learning groups, resources, mentorship opportunities, educational initiatives, and other essential tools to empower clergy and lay leaders in their ministries.

“We are deeply grateful to Lilly Endowment for their generous support and recognition of the importance of sustaining thriving ministry within the Orthodox Church in America,” said Father Nicholas Solak, Thriving in Ministry Program Director of the OCA. “This grant will significantly strengthen our capacity to invest in the well-being and development of our clergy and clergy wives, ensuring that they are equipped to lead and serve our parishes with excellence and resilience.”

The OCA’s Thriving in Ministry program is poised to embark on an exciting chapter of growth and transformation as it leverages the power of this sustainability grant. Through collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to excellence, the program aims to strengthen ministry practices and foster a flourishing environment for clergy families and the parishes they serve.


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