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Prayer Request for Project Mexico & St. Innocent Orphanage


Source: Project Mexico & St. Innocent Orphanage

The State of Baja California (Mexico) wants to build a new four-lane highway passing directly through the St. Innocent Orthodox Orphanage facility, expropriating at least half of the property by eminent domain.  Not only will this severely limit the outreach of both the orphanage and Project Mexico’s homebuilding ministry, it will destroy a large part of the capital improvements and remove key elements of both programs that have helped to make them so successful.

The orphanage and homebuilding operation are based on a 16-acre property developed specifically to meet their unique needs.  The land purchase, facility construction, and ongoing operations have only been possible through generous donations of millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours.

We’re working many different angles to stop this road construction but we know that the best “angle” by far is for God’s people to pray that He would prevent this from happening.

We ask your personal prayer support and also that you would pass this request on to your extended spiritual families, e.g. parishes, church groups, etc.  Those not familiar with the ministries can see pictures of the property and learn more at https://www.projectmexico.org/orphanage.

Thank you in advance for your prayers!

Greg & Margaret Yova
Founders of Project Mexico & St. Innocent Orphanage



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