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Report on “Holy Communion during the Pandemic in American Orthodox Christian Parishes”


Source: Orthodox Reality

Today, we are releasing the report, “Holy Communion during the Pandemic in American Orthodox Parishes.” You can download the full report or executive summary here:


We express deep gratitude to the 609 priests representing all Orthodox jurisdictions and regions of the country, who participated in this unique study. They shared not only factual information about administering Holy Communion in their parishes, but – most importantly – their personal, very frank reflections and thoughts on possible adaptations in offering this Sacrament in this current time of crisis.

The spread of COVID-19 has made a number of church members apprehensive about the use of the common spoon and chalice as the traditional method of administering this Sacrament. Consequently, some American Orthodox jurisdictions, dioceses, and parishes introduced various changes in administering the Eucharist, while others refrained from any adaptations. This report addresses many questions, including:

* Impact of the pandemic on participation of parishioners in the Sacrament of Holy Communion
* New practices of administering Holy Communion in various American Orthodox jurisdictions
* Personal ideas of the priests about possible new ways of administering this Sacrament
* How parishes distribute Holy Communion to parishioners who cannot attend worship services
* Clergy’s opinions about what is and is not acceptable with regard to different methods of offering
Holy  Communion

This study was initiated by the Orthodox Theological Society in America (www.otsamerica.org). We encourage you to share this report via social media with your parish communities, your Orthodox friends and relatives. And we always welcome feedback and suggestions. Send your reflections and inquiries to orthodoxdata@usreligioncensus.org or use the contact form on the website: www.orthodoxreality.org.

Finally, if you would like to offer any thoughts or reflections on administering Holy Communion under present circumstances in your parish or diocese, please do so by clicking “Comments” button at the end of this message. Again, here is the link to the report:

Alexei Krindatch,  National Coordinator
Second Census of Orthodox Christian Churches and
2020 US Religion Census (www.usreligioncensus.org)


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