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Source: International Orthodox Theological Association IOTA has launched its new video series, IOTA Talks™. The purpose of IOTA Talks is to produce short, engaging videos where Orthodox scholars share an idea about which they feel passionate with lay Christians in a manner they can understand. Some talks are primarily intended for inquirers wishing to learn more about the Christian faith. Other talks are more suitable for those engaged in Christian education, from Sunday School teachers to clergy. IOTA Talks will engage the fundamental questions of Christian faith and contemporary issues. Three talks are now available on IOTA’s YouTube Channel: Dr. Paul…

Source: International Orthodox Theological Association by Carrie Frederick Frost ISBN: 978-0809153916 Published by Paulist Press on May 28, 2019 Language: English Pages: 107 Over the course of Christian history, innumerable sermons, theological treatises, scholarly studies, dogmatic declarations, and sacred hymns and icons have confessed, celebrated and provided insight into the mystery of Christ’s Incarnation. Of these, but a fraction extol and explore the mystery of the place where He first appears, and through which He becomes incarnate: the maternal body of His mother, Mary. While not entirely silent on this, the Church has been reticent to extol the profound interconnection between Mary’s life-giving body and that…