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Source: Christianity Today by Weston Gentry [originally posted 8/27/2012] Metropolitan Jonah, by most accounts the highest-ranking, evangelical-friendly archpriest in North America’s Eastern Orthodox Church, resigned under duress in July. His removal has observers less concerned about his leadership shortcomings, which allegedly led to his removal, than about the widening gap between conservatives and the Orthodox Church. “His efforts were the most explicit attempt by any Orthodox hierarch to join with evangelicals and other conservatives in a common social agenda,” North Park University professor Brad Nassif said of Jonah’s nearly four-year tenure as primate. Jonah, a former Episcopalian, was especially popular…

Orthodox Christian Laity | John Collis, M.D. This essay is about an outstanding person and friend, Father Peter Gillquist. Phenomenal goals and amazing achievements characterize this devoted individual. For much of his life, Father Peter struggled with physical pain, yet accomplishing more than imaginable. Before my completing this paper, he suddenly became critically ill and died. This essay is about Father Peter Gillquist – a minister, a priest, an apostle, a bible scholar, a friend. I. Saint Paul the Apostle Paul was born in the Greek city of Tarsus. His parents gave him the Hebrew name Saul, in honor of…