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Source: Orthodox Christianity by Stefana Totorcea When the Romanian revolution took place in December of 1989, Fr Nicolae Tanase had been the rector of the Valea Plopului village church located in the Posesti Commune of Prahova County for ten years. He continues to serve there to this day. Here in Valea Plopului, during the darkest hour of the communist regime, he was able to build a church to replace the old one destroyed by the earthquake of 1977. During that period, it was practically impossible to obtain a building permit for the construction of a place of worship. Since they did…

Source: Associated Press By LEFTERIS PITARAKIS, HELENE FRANCHINEAU and SUZAN FRASER BUYUKADA ISLAND, Turkey –  Each morning, Erol Baytas checks for further damage on the imposing but derelict timber building on an island off Istanbul that for decades housed orphans from the minority Greek community. The scene on the hilltop on the island of Buyukada, the largest of the nine Princes’ Islands in the Sea of Marmara, looks more like the shattered remains of a horror movie set than the majestic hotel and casino complex that it was originally intended to be. Parts of the roof have caved in, wooden…