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Source: Public Orthodoxy Originally published on August 28, 2019 by Dellas Oliver Herbel Some of the readers of Public Orthodoxy may have read my book Turning to Tradition: Converts and the Making of an American Orthodox Church. Those who have will have heard of Fr. Raphael Morgan. Others might not have read the book, but may be aware of him, perhaps due to his Orthodoxwiki entry or an essay by Matthew Namee over at orthodoxhistory.org. Morgan’s case is a fascinating one and one that has only become a bit more fascinating both because of what has been recently discovered about him and because of the times in which…

Source: The Republic By ALISON MUTLER [Associated Press] BUCHAREST, Romania — The Romanian Orthodox Church said Thursday it is considering a Romanian monk persecuted by the communists and known as the “saint of Transylvania” for sainthood. The Metropolitan of Transylvania church authority said Thursday it had begun the lengthy process of canonization for Arsenie Boca, a Romanian Orthodox monk and priest whose grave in western Romania attracts tens of thousands of pilgrims every year. The Romanian Orthodox church is autonomous and makes its own canonizations. Boca, who became a monk in 1940, fell afoul of communist authorities because of his…