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The World is Experiencing an “Orthodox Moment”


Source: St. Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary

Christ is in our midst!

Right now, an “Orthodox moment” is happening around the world, and we can’t afford to let this opportunity escape us.

Seekers are flocking to Orthodox Churches, and our alumni in North America and abroad are reporting record numbers of catechumens and baptisms in their communities, in spite of the ongoing pandemic.

We need well-trained priests and lay leaders to guide this influx of seekers home and minister to the newly illumined in a darkened world. And your generosity is making it possible.

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Father Christopher Moore was a student leader of the Seminary’s St Innocent Mission Society when he and his wife, Mat. Jennifer lived on campus. Not long after Fr Christopher graduated in 2018 they flew to Korea, where they are now Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC) missionaries serving at the St Dionysios of Zakynthos Orthodox Church in Ulsan.

Father Christopher says they came to St Vladimir’s with the intention of taking a formative experience into the mission field:

Having the chance to live in that vibrant Orthodox community—the balance of students and faculty from different jurisdictions, Eastern and Oriental, allowed me to broaden my perspective a lot about Orthodoxy in the world, its practices and teachings. And my pastoral theology classes about cross-cultural settings prepared us for this role of ministering across cultures.

The Moores spent their first term studying the Korean language, leading the parish, and making huge adjustments when the first Covid cases emerged in Korea in February of 2020.

Imagine what could happen if St Vladimir’s Seminary could prepare even more leaders like Fr Christopher. Orthodoxy could bloom and grow around the world, as well as across North America.

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Together, we can build an Orthodox future to push back the darkness and point to the Light of the World—one that is eternal and will last forever.

Through your faithful support, we’ve been sending courageous priests and lay leaders willing to follow Jesus into the farthest and darkest places. It is your generosity that is ensuring the future of Orthodoxy, the strength of individual parishes, and the ability to continue to send priests and lay leaders to be catalysts for the Gospel—until the whole world learns of the Hope that is eternal and the Light that will never grow dim.

I ask you to consider what YOU can do for such a time as this. Like all of us at St Vladimir’s, I ask you to pray with us constantly, pursue Christ continuously, and proclaim His Truth courageously.

You may give one time, or set up your recurring donation online at www.svots.edu/compelled#donate, or call 914-961-8313 x360.

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Your generosity will change people, families, and communities forever.

May God be with you during this time. And may His unwavering Truth compel you to cling to Him and proclaim with joy the Hope of our Risen Lord, Jesus Christ.

Compelled to Pray, Pursue, and Proclaim,

The Very Rev. Dr Chad Hatfield
President & Professor of Pastoral Theology,
St Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary


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