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Themi – Apostle To The Hungry


Source: Arkouda Global Press

Bishop Themi’s life story reads more like a bestselling novel than a biography

A rock star, atheist, Marxist, world-class theologian, African missionary, and a Greek Orthodox Bishop all in one lifetime? Bishop Themi is a beacon of hope and inspiration to millions of Christians.

An incredible fifty-year Christian journey

Themi was the bass player for The Flies, a Beatles-type band that took Australia by storm in 1964. Then he enrolled at Melbourne University and became a neo-Marxist social activist.

After a personal tragedy, Themi sank into a fog of hippie confusion. His rock star, atheist persona was shattered. Over a few months, a series of Divine visions changed a young man from a lost soul into a servant of Jesus Christ.

Scholar, professor, and missionary

He earned degrees in theology, languages, and Biblical studies at some of the most prestigious universities in America and became a distinguished scholar.

In the late 1990s, Themi again questioned his life’s direction. Was he serving Christ best as a top-tier academic? A series of events led him to follow another path, serving the poor in his native Africa.

Themi founded the Holy Orthodox Mission in Freetown, Sierra Leone, in 2008. Over the past fourteen years, Bishop Themi has battled Ebola and foes, both earthly and spiritual, to feed, educate and offer the love of Christ to thousands of West African people.

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