Metropolitan Nathanael’s Stewardship of the Metropolis of Chicago


Metropolitan Nathanael of Chicago

Source: Estiator Magazine

Metropolitan Nathanael of Chicago, enthroned just last month, impressed us with his enthronement address and appears to be quite suited to shepherd a Metropolis that was led for decades by a questionable prelate and his auxiliary bishop over the last few years, who has now been cast aside.

Based on other reports as well, Nathanael appears to be a serious individual, a good orator (who has an excellent command of both languages), exceptionally trained, and above all, down to earth.

From his interviews, we gather that he has an understanding of today’s social reality, and at a time when congregations are shrinking, the new Metropolitan believes that our Church must reach out to the faithful instead of waiting for the faithful to come to it. On the day of his enthronement, when students in Chicago and all across the nation were holding angry demonstrations in the streets, Nathanael pointed out that the area faithful must also take to the streets together with the protesting students to speak out against unrestricted weapons sales.

Greek-Americans in the Metropolis of Chicago hope that Nathanael will restore order to the chaos that has prevailed up until now and decisively handle Elder Ephraim’s growing influence—a problem that the haggard Archbdiocese of America refuses to address.

Peter S. Makrias



  1. *Sigh* Many Christians find this one-sided political pandering to be rather disheartening and divisive. At a time when Christians should be unifying regardless of our political opinions we are drawn apart by our fellow brothers and sisters who are trying to establish themselves among the elite classes of large urban centers who, for the most part, have nothing but disdain for our religious beliefs. Is it really worth disparaging the cultural, historical, and practical realities of our fellow Christians from the rural and more conservative parts of the country in order to appeal to the urban youth? Many Christians I know here in the South are gun owners. They’re law-abiding, hard working, and sincere in their spiritual walk with Christ. If we have to demonize the person-hood of one group of Christians in order to appeal to non-Christians, something has gone incredibly wrong. It’s much better to reach out to non-Christians in a way that does not stir up resentment within the body of the Faithful. And if anyone believes that weapon sales in any part of the country are “unrestricted” they are simply just not aware of the facts.

    • If someone can still purchase an assault weapon with a bump stock, that’s being “unrestricted” to me.

      All of our churches need to post weapons free zone stickers on their entrances. There is absolutely no reason that a worshiper needs to carry a concealed weapon in church! And, as a former teacher, I strongly support students who speak out against unrestricted gun sales. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and we don’t need to bury more of our children.

      • I disagree vehemently with your views on the human right of self-defense and will do everything I can to see that your preferred policies don’t see the light of day. However, I will never disparage your Christian authenticity. Can you say the same of me? Or am I not one of the Faithful because I hold the opposite opinion? This is a yes/no question.

  2. Tim Nicholas on

    I don’t quite understand if the previous comment refers to the article by the “Estiator.”

    It is encouraging to see the positive reaction concerning the new Metropolitan. He has, indeed, a herculean task ahead of him to clean the “swamp” of this Metropolis. There are many talented elements in the Windy City to assist him

    • Tim,

      Yes. My comment refers to the article by the Estiator and to Nathaniel’s following statement:

      “On the day of his enthronement, when students in Chicago and all across the nation were holding angry demonstrations in the streets, Nathanael pointed out that the area faithful must also take to the streets together with the protesting students to speak out against unrestricted weapons sales.”

      I support speaking out against “unrestricted weapons sales”. Tim, haven’t we buried enough of our children this year?

  3. Anthony Cartis on

    Peter S Makrias wrote the above posted article of May 15th in the Estiator Magazine which is Estiator The Restauranteur for Greek Restaurant news, Recipies, , Restaurant sales and business directory. You write on the subject of St Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Monastery and The Spiritual Elder Ephraim. You ask Metropolitan Nathaniel to bring good order into the church and address Elder Ephraim increasing influence in the Church. Do you ask of the burning of the one thousand plus pages of Saint Anthony’s Monastery, Florence, AZ newly published book titled “The Departure of The Soul” in order to eliminate chaos. Peter, before we crucify The Elder Ephraim why not write and teach your readers how not to work on The Lords Day. Is Sunday Worship only for the Yia Yias. Contemporary Sunday idol worship produces many many green backs which you can not take to the heavenly bank. Anthony Carris

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