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OVC Concludes Its First Year


Source: Orthodox Volunteer Corps 

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Two firsts occur today.

1. We conclude our first program year. Regular readers of these OVC emails have learned about that journey. (If you missed them or want a recap, please see this recent summary.) This week, during a final retreat, we looked back on the year, looked forward to life after OVC, and celebrated the beauty of 10 months in service, formation, community, and Church. Two highlights from retreat were formal Presentations of Learning and an informal awards ceremony. (Photos below)

2. We have our first alumni (though, as our current Corps Members told us repeatedly this week, they don’t technically become alumni until tomorrow.) During retreat we observed an end and a beginning. The Corps Members finished the program year and began, we trust, a lifetime of faithful service.

Two first occur to today. Would you mark the moment with us? Please pray for our alumni. Please tell others about OVC. And, if you are able, please donate–so that we have more alumni next year, and the year after that, until the day when there is a visible, vibrant, unstoppable national movement of Orthodox young adults leading lives of faithful for the Church and the world.

In Gratitude,

Michael Sider-Rose
CEO, Orthodox Volunteer Corps

Kyra Limberakis
COO, Orthodox Volunteer Corps

2038 Bedford Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15219
United States


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