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Beyond Borders: Fr. J. Moulketis on the GOA Charter & Restoring Togetherness and Unity in Our Church


Source: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

Reverend Protopresbyter James C. Moulketis, former Vicar of the Northern Region of the Metropolis of New Jersey and former Chair of the Archdiocesan Presbyters Council, discusses the importance of moving beyond our borders to restore togetherness and unity in Church. Sharing his support for revising the GOA Charter, he also notes the importance of dialogue and collaboration for strengthening our ministries and care for one another. A retired US Navy Reserve Chaplain (Captain), Fr. Moulketis has served the Church for over 50 years. He has also previously chaired the Archdiocesan Benefits Committee.


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  1. Cato the Elder on

    So what, exactly, does Fr. Moulketis propose as needed changes to the Charter in this brief video message recorded in the offices of the Archbishop in New York? Nothing.

    We learn that he served for many years in the US Navy, retiring as a Captain and that he served as chairman of the Archdiocese Benefits Committee and in a parish in New Jersey. He certainly is entitled to our thanks for his service to the Nation and the Church.. and to pensions from both, if he qualifies for them.

    What else? Well, having served in New Jersey he probably knows what happened to the former Metropolitan of that Metropolis when he apparently told the newly arrived Archbishop that he needed his permission to enter his Metropolis. Ok, but what else?

    First, he denigrates Archbishops Iakovos, of blessed memory, as well as Spyridon and Demetrios for not being receptive to the concerns of the clergy. A series of cheap shots. He doesn’t even offer anecdotal evidence in support of this slander.

    He then praises Archbishop Elpidophoros for supposedly being more in tune with the needs and concerns of the clergy. This on the basis of a couple of contacts and a zoom call. No mention of the fact that the Archbishop never served in a parish or in any other capacity in the Archdiocese of America before arriving from Turkey only 4 years ago.

    We also learn from this brief video that Fr. Moulketis likes to compare the hierarchical structure of the church and the Navy. One can only explain this curious video as “following orders.”

    Is this really the best the PR people at the Archdiocese can come up with? Is he going to use the same PR team as he visits each Metropolis and tries to sell his ideas about a new charter? Will anyone ask him any hard questions?

    Will Mr. Kalmoukos of The National Herald and Mr. Stamatakis of Helleniscope be issued press credentials and allowed to aske the Archbishop questions?

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