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Launch of magazine to support Orthodox Christians in the West


Source: Orthodox Exchange

Due to migration and conversions alike, Orthodoxy is growing in the West. Such numbers necessarily entail need, and Orthodox Exchange is seeking to address this with a new magazine. Including regular columns, educational material, book reviews, and news, this new magazine represents an unprecedented offering for Orthodox Christians living outside of traditionally Orthodox lands.

The first-ever edition of Orthodox Exchange: The Magazine will come out in September. Available digitally to subscribers around the world, its purpose is to bring news about the good things happening among the Orthodox Churches, especially those based in Western countries; provide written articles to educate and spiritually edify; and to encourage greater awareness of the Church’s life, especially as it is lived in otherwise non-Orthodox countries. In the midst of this, the Magazine seeks to be non-polemical, of interest to people of all jurisdictions, and faithful to Orthodox Tradition.

The development of the Magazine has been described by organisations and individuals representing many different institutions across the Orthodox Church as ‘exciting’, ‘necessary’, and ‘helpful’. It accords with, and strengthens, the Church’s evangelical commission, while nurturing greater engagement with the Faith among those who have been Orthodox for a long time. Orthodox Exchange: The Magazine will create greater mutual awareness among Orthodox Christians of different jurisdictions, and encourage those that might otherwise feel lonely or isolated in their practice of the Faith. It is pitched at laypeople, clergy, and monastics alike, and will provide fruitful reading every quarter.

About Orthodox Exchange
Orthodox Exchange is a place to encounter Eastern Orthodoxy in the Modern World, especially for those in the West who want to more about the Orthodox Faith whether they are enquiring, or have spent their life in the Church. It was founded by Father Jacob Siemens, a priest of the Archdiocese of Orthodox Churches of Russian Tradition in Western Europe (MP), and an academic and educator of many years’ experience. Orthodox Exchange seeks at all times to remain faithful to authentic Orthodox tradition, while remaining pan-Orthodox in scope, as well as non-partisan and non-polemical.


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