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Musings of the OCL Executive Director: February 2019


George Matsoukas, Executive Director of Orthodox Christian Laity

Source: Orthodox Christian Laity

OCL is delighted that the 2019 calendar year got off to a meaningful start for Orthodox Christians at home and abroad.  It is delightful to see Orthodox Christian faithful people communicating with each other.  I hope that you can find 6 minutes in your busy schedules to watch the video of Pan-Orthodox Activities taking place in Cleveland, Ohio.  We would love to hear updates from you about people communicating and working together in your communities.  What Pan-Orthodox activities are you engaged with in Houston, Denver, Atlanta and other Southern communities; Detroit, Metropolitan New York, Chicago, D.C./ Maryland, Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and the North West, Wichita, New England, Oklahoma and other mid-western Communities?  We would love to post descriptions / videos of your programs. Email them or send them to OCL, PO Box 6954, West Pam Beach FL 33405. One of the goals of OCL these 32 years is to encourage Orthodox Christian faithful to communicate with each other.

January 2019 also saw the largest gathering of Orthodox Christian Scholars and Professionals discussing topics relevant to our times and faith in at least 70 informational sessions.  Over 300 presenters participated in Iasi, Romania. The hospitality of the Metropolis of Moldavia and Bukovina was extraordinary.  The Inaugural Conference, Pan-Orthodox Unity and Conciliarity, was organized by the International Orthodox Theological Association (IOTA).  Many of the sessions were videotaped, and you can listen to them at your leisure on the OCL web site or the IOTA YouTube Channel.

It is our hope that the 14 Independent heads of the Orthodox Churches and the Assemblies of Bishops will communicate with each other to solve the disputes and problems facing World Orthodoxy.  They need to meet regularly and communicate by establishing reasonable rules of discussion and develop listening skills.  Their meetings need to be transparent, and they need to be accountable to each other and the faithful.  They need to engage in conciliar and synodical meetings to solve the many issues facing Orthodox Christianity in our times.  They should utilize the time and talent of the theologians, professionals and prayerful faithful that make up the body of the Church.  We continue to pray for our hierarchs.

On January 27, 2019, Detroit’s Own Orthodox Radio (DOOR) interviewed the OCL Executive Director about the work of Orthodox Christian Laity and the IOTA Meeting.  In early February, they also interviewed Dr Gayle Woloschak about her involvement with IOTA and her work in bio-ethics.  You might find both interviews of interest.

The OCL Board will hold its Winter/Spring Board Meeting in SW Florida in the Ft Myers area.  Please see the flyer for details.

George Matsoukas, Executive Director


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